Please read the following Terms and Conditions carefully before agreeing to be bound by them. In the event that you do not agree with these Terms and Conditions, do not access or use the our website.

This website is provided by Noldemann (referred to as either Noldemann or “we”in the following documentation). By using this website or by placing any purchase orders using this website, you agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions set forth herein. Only upon acceptance of the terms contained herein, you will be entitled to submit electronic orders. Any violation of the terms will result in the termination of your account.

This website is not intended for persons under 18 years of age. In compliance with law 34/2002 (LSSICE): Website www.noldemann.com  Noldemann - 22 Candina Ave. - E-39011 Santander - VAT number ESB39793096 - Company registration code: T 1070, F 101, I 1ª H S-28652.



1.1. By registering with www.noldemann.com you can access or view the prices, product inventories and submit purchases electronically.

1.2. You, the user, are responsible for using www.noldemann.com in a private and secure manner. We will not be held liable for any damage or loss caused by any unauthorised account access resulting from the users actions. This includes not logging out of your account or sharing your account password.

1.3. At Noldemann, we reserve the right to refuse registration or cancel at any time.



2.1. By using our website www.noldemann.com it is assumed that the customer has read the Terms and Conditions of the website and is bound by them by them by using the website or ordering products.

2.2. Noldemann reserves the right to modify and change any of the terms contained within these terms and conditions, at any time. Your continued access or use of our website will imply your full compliance with these terms. You, the user, are therefore responsible for regularly reviewing these Terms and Conditions and additional terms or notices posted on www.noldemann.com



3.1. To place an order, the customer must be at least 18 years old.

3.2. You, the user, must complete the personal data form which is found on the online shop (open 24 hours a day) once you have accessed the page and clicked “place order”.

3.3. By placing an order, the user is making Noldemann an offer to buy selected items and is compliant with these Terms and Conditions. We reserve the right, at our discretion, to accept or reject any offer. Receiving payment from the customer does not indicate our acceptance. 

3.4.. Order confirmation, informing the customer of the transaction does not indicate that the order has been accepted. We will always send a confirmation e-mail to the address that the user provided on filling out the personal data form. If for some reason the order has been rejected we will also try to contact the customer by e-mail or telephone. Only when the delivery process has begun, does that indicate an acceptance of the order.

3.5. At www.noldemann.com, we do our utmost to deliver the correct products to the customer with the corresponding order confirmation. However, there is a chance that we cannot supply every product ordered, for example due to a lack of stock. In such instance, we will inform the customer of the issue at hand and offer an alternative product. If the customer is not in accordance with our proposal, we will cancel the order and they will be refunded for any fees paid for the products that we could not provide. In rare cases, the prices of the products in our online shop can be incorrect or marked unjustifiably low without cause. In the instance that this has occurred and the customer has already received confirmation of the order, we contact the customer with an aim of sending a new confirmation with the correct pricing. In the case that the customer is unsatisfied with the different pricing, the customer reserves the right to cancel the order and we will refund the payment. In case some of the products ordered are out of stock and we do not receive replies to e-mail requests and calls alerting the customer, the company reserves the right to cancel the products concerned and send the rest of the order. In case of disagreement when receiving the order, return policies of Article 11 shall apply.

3.7. At any moment before the order has been shipped, the customer can cancel the order without any additional fees. After this time, cancelling the order may incur additional costs.



4.1. On confirmation of your order, we will deliver your products in accordance to the Terms and Conditions.



5.1. We pay great attention to information in regards to the main characteristics and functions of products, through  technical descriptions provided by our partner companies and manufacturers or via photographs illustrating the products. This all happens within the boundaries of technology and in accordance with the highest market standards.

5.2. Read carefully the product descriptions before purchasing. The image shown can differ from the end product. If you have any doubts, please contact us before purchasing the product.



6.1 The price of the products can be seen clearly on the website. The price and terms of the product may vary. The valid price and terms that are used,  will be those stated at the time the customer places the order.

6.2. We reserve the right to charge for the order on the date that we receive the order.

6.3. The selling prices in our online store are as follows:

If the customer lives in the European Union, all the prices are including VAT.  If the customer lives in a tax-free zone we will deduct the tax costs, but the customer must indicate this under “other comments or special requests?”.

6.4. The shipping costs are included in the price of the product. The customer will be informed about the additional costs for delivery before being able to complete the transaction and receive a confirmation of the order.

6.5. We reserve the right to modify our prices at any time. However, we promise to use the prices that are shown at the time of placing the order will be the same as what we will charge.



7.1. The customer should be aware that the orders will be sent, depending on the availability of the stock. If one of the ordered items is not in stock , we will contact the customer (on the next working day after placing the order) by sending an e-mail with the possible delivery time of the products. If the customer does not want to wait, they can ask for a refund of the amount paid for the products that cannot be delivered.

7.2. If one of the products is not available after being charged for the order, at the customers request, we are required to send the available products and the shipping prices will be adjusted appropriately. When possible we will suggest a product that is equivalent in quality to substitute the unavailable item. If this proposal is declined by the client, we will reimburse the amount paid for the products that were not available.



8.1. To guarantee maximum safety when paying for items with Noldemann, we have a partnership with PayPal. When the customer sees the symbol of PayPal, the client can assume that the payment is 100% protected.

8.2. If our security department suspects fraud or irregularities, for security reasons, Noldemann has the right to cancel all the transactions.

8.3. We offer customers two different methods of payment:

- Payment by credit / debit card:

Through the Paypal platform, we accept American Express, Maestro and all Visa and MasterCards, which are verified by Visa as a secure payment method. In addition to this, any order that exceeds the limits set by Noldemann, will have to be verified by sending a form of  identification as a proof of residence by fax or e-mail.

- Payment by PayPal:

PayPal allows the user to pay directly without the need to enter any account information. PayPal encrypts confidential data, by using the best technologies available on the market.

8.4. In the instance that the purchase has been made by an end user or company, an extended corresponding invoice will be sent.  In both invoices will include a breakdown with the amount of VAT if applicable.



9.1. We will ship the products to the delivery address provided by the customer in the personal information required to create an account.

9.2. On the website, including in the shopping cart, the sum of the items will be shown including the shipping costs for the order.

9.3. When an article indicates “in stock”, the time between ordering and the delivering the products via the transport company depends on 2 factors:

1. The delivery time (4-6 days) = payment confirmation + preparing the order +  receipt of the package by the employees of the delivery company. The timing may vary depending on the availability of the product.

2. The delivery of the order is determined by the employees of the shipping company. The customer will be informed by the e-mail when “your order has been shipped”. The times provided are working days, please take into account bank holidays and weekends when estimating the arrival date.

9.4. We will deliver the products once the realisation of the payment has been successful and verified, then the products will be delivered according to the selected means:

· DPD: road transport, delivery within 3-5 working days

9.5. With the above hours and days stated, we are referring to working days and working hours, therefore, excluding Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays. If for whatever reason, this period will be exceeded, we will contact the customer and when possible, find an alternative solution.

9.6. The customers agree that themselves or a representative will be available to receive the delivery in the previously stated place of  residence. In the event that there is no one present on the first delivery attempt, the delivery company will return several times. If the package is still not delivered after these attempts, then it will be returned to us. The amount paid by the customer will be refunded, minus the shipping costs and costs of return.



10.1. All products offered by Noldemann have a warranty. We promise to replace any products that have manufacturing faults with a new version or a corresponding alternative or will refund the payment for the product, for up to two years from the date of delivery. In this instance, all costs for the return and redelivery of an order are charged to Noldemann not the customer.

10.2. In the event that a product does not meet up to standards, you, the customer must inform us via e-mail within 14 days explaining that you wish to return the product. This way, we can organise returning the product in a suitable manner. In the instance that the problem with the product is not covered in the guarantee, the customer will have to pay additional costs that may arise from such a refund.



11.1. If the Customer is not satisfied with the product which have purchased from us, he can change or return the product within 30 days of delivery of the goods and get a refund of the product returned no longer than 2 days. The cost of return of package will always be a customer responsibility.

11.2. If the product arrives damaged, harmed or with any anomalies, the customer is obligated to inform us immediately upon receiving the product. Guidelines and advice will be given by Customer Service upon contacting them. See section 11.3 for more on this matter.

11.3. To be eligible for a refund or a replacement product, the following guidelines have to be followed.

• Products must be returned in the original packaging and/or in the box they arrived in. If this is not possible, packaging of at least similar quality has to be used. The customer may not staple the product or the packaging, neither may they add any form of stickers.

• Returned products must be accompanied by the delivery note along with the reason/s for the return written on paper. This is to make the return faster and the process easier to handle.

11.4. The condition of the returned product will be assessed once it has been returned to the warehouse. If the product does not comply with the standards and requirements set for a return or if the status differs to that stated by the customer, we may in our sole discretion refuse or lower the amount of money to be refunded.

11.5. After a successful return the customer will be contacted by the company to be informed of a refund via the same payment channel chosen and used by the customer. If the customer has requested a replacement product, they will be contacted to be informed of the procedures to follow.

IMPORTANT: The Pilot shirt made to measure cannot be returned.


If you wish to speak to our Customer Service Team:

- You can send us a message via the contact form .



13.1. We would like to provide our customers with the necessary information and the products that are offered. Noldemann, in the case of force majeure, the absence of a customer, or unforeseen conditions by a person unrelated to the contract, is not held responsible for the non-fulfillment of these conditions.

13.2. The customer agrees to complete the order forms and personal details correctly and according to the instructions provided. Noldemann protects the data entered in accordance to the law. In addition to this, the customer agrees to pay the price of the products, including the corresponding taxes and shipping costs.

13.3. We advise that all customers to save a copy of any data concerning the purchasing of their products. we are not responsible for loss of data, files or in general damages as a result of a backup failure on the customers part.

13.4. Noldemann is not responsible for the consequences arising from the improper use of products bought on our online store.



All reviews, written by customers, are controlled by the marketing team. If the comments received are an infringement of the law, or are a violation of ethics or morality (abusive publicity, defamation, insults, remarks out of context..) Noldemann has the right to reject or edit them.



15.1. The personal data that the customer has to provide us is essential for sending orders and invoicing. In the absence of this information, the order will be canceled automatically. When registering on our site, the client agrees to provide us with valid personal data, data that allows the service of Noldemann to function and correct identification of the registered customer, as well allowing the sending of information and advertising for different products and offers that Noldemann offers on the website.



16.1. All content on the Noldemann Online Store (images, text, names, trademarks and videos) are property of Noldemann The duplicating of partial or whole content in any form must have prior, and the explicit approval by Noldemann.



17.1. Unless an alternative end date is shown, all offers and coupons are valid for one month.

17.2. Discount coupon promotions are exclusively for the value of the product and can only be used once.

17.3. Noldemann has the right to exclude a person who abuses the promotion or attempts  to repeatedly use the action under different identities.

17.4 You can only use one coupon per purchase. Coupons are not cumulative.