Three Europeans, one Danish, one Swiss and one Spanish (and this is not a joke!) met in the US while working in different projects. All three shared values, ideas and lifestyle. We became friends.

Over the years, so many times the same question arose: How is it possible that dress shirts are made just like 150 years ago? Sports wear is nothing like it was just 20 years ago. Shoe making, jeans, coats, mountain gear... Anywhere we looked we saw evolution and change, yet if we wanted to wear a dress shirt, we had to suffer the constrictions of traditional fabrics. We thought that if we had that problem, many other guys would as well. 

That´s how the whole idea of starting a company that would solve that problem became a reality. We traveled the world in search of a technological partner able to develop the fabrics that we had in mind, wrinkle-free, stretchy and moisture wicking, but with a traditional appearance. We found the perfect fit in Japan. To make our shirts, we needed a shop with the highest level of craftsmanship. Spain was the place, where the art of making shirts has never been lost and it passes from one generation to the next, and we decided to build our team and base our headquarters here. That is how NOLDEMANN was born.


These are the only dress shirts that you will need. NOLDEMANN addresses all of the problems related to traditional dress shirts. Usually conventional shirts make you sweat through them easily, they are horrible to iron, terrible to travel with…

You can grab a NOLDEMANN, throw it in your bag, get to your destination, put it on and look fantastic! Or wear it on a flight, fall asleep as confortable as if you were in your pajamas and walk into a duty-free shop 30 minutes later looking like James Bond after a fight with the bad guys... Perfect. They are super wrinkle resistant.

By the way, even if you don´t wash it for days, it won´t smell, your NOLDEMANN is made with athletic sweat wicking material. When you finally wash it, just put your NOLDEMANN on a hanger and it will be dry and be ready to roll in no time! No ironing required.